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Leander 22nd June 2010 04:11 PM

New version online - v1.58.245
New version online - v1.58.245

The latest update is online now! Most of your browsers probably grabbed the latest version, but if not, simply refresh you cache (usually ctrl+f5).

Guild dungeons are not in this patch. More balance testing is required.

Here's what is in the update:
  • New startup page
  • New introductory experience: The early stages of Shakes & Fidget have been redesigned to offer a better experience to new players. For example: quest times are shorter and the item drop rate is higher.
  • Two new dungeons - dungeons 11 and 12 are accessible after finishing dungeon 10 - with ten new bosses each. You will not need to find a key.
  • Guild wars battle report change: clicking on “Skip” will jump the report forward to your character's battle(s). Clicking "Skip" again will reveal the results like before.
  • After a guild war you will be directed to the Guild page, not the Character page.
  • Shops/inventory: pointing at an item will highlight the slot the item equips in.
  • If you do not have a weapon, your basic damage has been increased so that you can win quests to gain gold (to buy a new weapon).
  • You'll have enough Thirst For Adventure for at least one quest.

Bug fix:
  • When a warrior's weapon slot was empty the damage inflicted was shown incorrectly. It has been fixed to display the correct damage.

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