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Leander 22nd May 2010 12:05 AM

Upcoming feature: guild raids!
Guild raids are likely to be added in mid-June. All members of a guild will be able to gather for attack and raid special dungeons. Stay tuned! :rider:

Leander 29th May 2010 11:26 AM

Here's an update:

On a guild raid the whole guild fights against a certain number of enemies that lurk on multiple levels of the dungeon. Finally, the guild tries to defeat a dungeon boss. The crucial point is that a raid must be done in one go, which means that the members' constitution is not refilled after one enemy has been defeated.

Now you might think "What the..." but of course your guild will be rewarded with something new and epic for having sent the dungeon boss to eternal sleep... ;) :fight:

Leander 12th June 2010 01:40 PM


The guild raids-update has been slightly delayed due to balancing problems. The official release date of the German version is now 22 June 2010 which is also the game's first birthday. :welldone: :whisper: :)

All non-German servers should get the update on the same day as well. Let's way and see.

Leander 22nd June 2010 04:04 PM

Update: guilds raids are not included in today´s update due to balancing problems. :( However, they will be added to the game soon.

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